Copy AD OU Structure To Another AD Location

This was made by MALEK Ahmed and change by João Dias, in order to copy a AD structure to a new AD location. Just copy and paste on the notepad and save it as .ps1



# Copy AD OU Structure To Another Location
# Written by João Dias
# Date 10/04/2017
# Version: 1.0

#Configuration of the Source and the Destination
$sourceOU = ”OU=mutegaold,DC=domain,DC=local”
$destinationOU = ”OU=muteganew,DC=newdomain,DC=local”

#AD Path
$adPath= ”LDAP://” + $destinationOU

#Importing AD module
import-module activedirectory
#Copying the OU’s to the destination
$objDomain=New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry($adPath)
$ObjSearch=New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher($ObjDomain)
[array] $OUs = @()
$OUs = dsquery * $sourceOU -Filter ”(objectCategory=organizationalUnit)” -limit 0
$OUsorted = $OUs | sort-object { $_.Length}
for ($k=0; $k -le $OUsorted.Count -1; $k++)
$OUtoCreate = ($OUsorted[$k] -replace $sourceOU,$destinationOU).ToString()
$OUSearch = ($OUtoCreate -replace ’”’,””).ToString()
$ObjSearch.Filter = ”(&(objectCategory=organizationalUnit)(distinguishedName=”+ $OUSearch + ”))”
$allSearchResult = $ObjSearch.FindAll()
if ($allSearchResult.Count -eq 1)
”No changes were done on = ” + $OUtoCreate
dsadd ou $OUtoCreate
”OU Creation = ” + $OUtoCreate


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