Deploy the Company Portal with Intune

The company portal is an essential app you should deploy on the devices you want to manage with Intune. With the Company Portal users can securely access their company apps and data, install or reinstall applications, check if the device meets compliance and more. Here are a few steps on how to deploy the Company Portal App from the Microsoft Store app (new) with Intune. 

The company portal can be installed on Windows 10/11, macOS, Android and iOS, but I will cover the Windows deployment in this post.

Deploy the App

  1. Sign in to the Intune portal with an account that has an Intune role assigned with the permission to deploy an App.
    Your account should have one of the following Intune roles assigned:
  • Intune Administrator
  • Application Manager

2. Select Apps All Apps > +Add

3. Select Microsoft Store app (New) and Click Select

4. Select Search the Microsoft Store app (New)

5. Search for Company Portal > Select Company Portal > Click Select

6. Change the App information as needed. I changed the Install behavior from User to System because I want to deploy the app to all users. I also added the category ProductivityClick Next when you are done changing the information of the App.

7. Now assign the App to the device or user groups you want. Like I said I want the Company Portal to be deployed to All Users. So I selected All Users with a Required deployment. Select Next.

8. Review the App settings and after reviewing select Create.

After some time the Company Portal will be installed on your devices: