Windows 10 Stuck on Welcome Screen

If your computer was working correctly until the last week, and now you get stuck on the welcome screen, whenever you reboot it or comes from sleep mode!?

These could mean that you have installed some nasty quality windows updates that are making your computer stop responding.

Are you getting crazy with this bug!? I was!!!

The problem is with the update KB4074588:

Meanwhile, Microsoft has released this fix:

MY FIX: In my case, I have fixed by uninstalling the KB4088776 from the Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Installed Updates


If you are not able to uninstall from the Control Panel, you can use this command line on cmd:

If you want to see the uninstall progress and no restart, in the end, run this command: wusa /uninstall /kb:4088776 /norestart 

If you’re going to run in silent mode and no restart, in the end, run this command: wusa /uninstall /kb:4088776 /quiet /norestart 

If you’re going to run in silent mode and restart at the end run this command: wusa /uninstall /kb:4088776 /quiet /forcestart 

These are the updates that could cause you this issue:

KB4056892 – January 2018
KB4074588 – February 2018
KB4088776 – March 2018

You could also go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced Options and change the deferred days to 30 days, for example, so you skip getting all these issues in first hand.



If you use SCCM/WSUS or other patch management service, make sure you don’t approve this updates in your organisation.

MY FIX number 2: Remove all USB devices (wireless mouse, keyboard, external hard drive/s) and try again.

Best of luck and hope this can help you.